Welcome to the home page of Citizens for Sustainability (CFS)! Our website is an ongoing project in progress, and we are striving to make it as useful as possible for readers, so any constructive feedback is welcomed. Much of the content on this website is provided by Clifton Ware, a volunteer community sustainability organizer.  CFS also has a FaceBook page, and we invite you to visit it: https://www.facebook.com/SAVsustainability

Although city officials—mayor, council members, city manager, and staff—give us their enthusiastic approval and kindly allow us to hold meetings at the SAV City Hall in the Council Chambers, we are not an officially sponsored city organization.

It should be noted that St. Anthony Village has earned Minnesota’s highest sustainability ranking to date, as a GreenStep 3 City (http://greenstep.pca.state.mn.us/). And now the goal is focused on attaining  GreenStep 4, the state’s next highest level. Also, the League of Minnesota Cities has awarded St. Anthony the City of Excellence Award for the second time. If our organization continue functions effectively, we will help the city attain the highly coveted GreenStep 4 rating, as well as continue receiving the City of Excellence Award.


We are a relatively new organization, formed in January 2013, principally as a support group challenged with the task of helping to promote and assist in implementing sustainability initiatives in St. Anthony Village and surrounding communities. A downloadable document—“Saint Anthony Village Sustainability Plan ” (2012)—presents a vision of the city as a highly resilient and sustainable community in future years, a proposed model that can be adopted by any community. Our CFS challenge is to assist with realizing this envisioned model community.

CFS is open to anyone interested in creating resilience and sustainability, both individually and collectively. Although most of our members live in St. Anthony, we warmly welcome anyone interested in  joining our cause.

2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Mary Russell says:

    Thank you Clif, for signing my MoveOn.org petition, and for sharing this website. We’re all in this together, intimately connected through our love of place.

  2. Moira Heffron says:

    Thanks for website! Saturday afternoon meetings are usually not feasible for me, but I am very committed to this effort. I think it would be great to describe here on the welcome page what is involved in attaining GreenStep 4 rating.

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